Monday, 14 March 2011

Hopeless Dom

I am pretty hopeless at being a dom in some senses, I think I haave got to grips with the basics of the kinky sex which I was interested in and physically ready for but the mental side still eludes me a little. I am not used to being in charge of s, I don’t really relish being in charge of anybody and that is a difficult thing for me to rectify. I’m not sure where that feeling comes from in my psyche, I don’t know if it is something I have consciously put there or is learnt or is genetic. I’m reluctant to change it because I am scared enough about my actions when a little power goes to my head which is why I have shunned it in the past, I haven’t like the me that calls the shots, I am too impulsive and inconsiderate to be a good master and inconsistent and insensitive.


  1. Dad man Sir,

    It's hard to do the 24/7 high protocol thing, to be in charge of everything that goes on...when things go well, it's great, but when things go wrong it's on you too as Dom. Not all are up to that challenge and theres nothing wrong with that.

    You can be in total control in the bedroom, and outside that demand respect. Finally, there's nothing wrong with asking for opinions, taking what you need and dismissing the rest.


  2. thanks mouse.
    i seem to have th bedroom control down and we had patches of respect going well
    our lives kind of get in the way and i am slow to react and then get things back on track
    lately it has lead to arguments and not very happy dom or sub
    i like to think that it is the circumstances more than me but it is hard to stand back and be reasonable with myself when my partner is hurting too. even though i am the dom i rely on her strength so much.